What is Threading?

Threading, one of the oldest methods of body hair removal, is popular in India and the Middle East. Threading involves rolling twisted cotton threads over untidy hairlines and plucking out the unwanted hair. One reason for this continued popularity is that it's so much healthier for the skin and doesn’t result in ingrown hair. The threading method of hair removal is used mostly in the facial area and has become the celebrities preferred method for perfect eyebrows.

Threading Services

Eyebrow Shape£ 10
Upper Lip - Lower Lip£ 5
Forehead£ 5
Neck£ 8
Sides£ 8
Chin£ 5
Full Face£ 25
Middle of Brow£ 5
Eyebrow Tint£ 10
Eyelash Tint£ 15
Eyebrow Shape & Eyebrow Tint£ 20
Eyebrow Shape & Eyebrow Tint & Eyelash Tint£ 25
New Clients Require a Patch Test, 24Hrs Prior to Service.

Threading is an ancient eyebrow shaping and hair removal technique that originated from ASIA. It is used to eliminate a uni-brow, raise the eyebrow arch and to add shape and definition. Threading is also used for hair removal on all parts of the face and has become the celebrities preferred method of perfect eyebrows.